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Client Testimonials

The Dental Studio


Case Study:  Growth Isn't Everything

Background:  An established local orthodontist needed to open a second office 120 miles away from his primary location, and also wanted to add an in-house dental clinic.  He initially transferred $300K in patient accounts in 2013  By 2015, while his production had exceeded 2.2K, the office was struggling due to a high percentage of write-offs, high no shows, and declining growth.  iSmiles was brought in Early 2015 to reduce write-offs and shore up collections while maintaining the excellent groth trajectory.

Steps taken:

  • Implemented our iSmiles management Protocols to maximize efficiency and profitability

  • Performed a detailed audit of all 2,000 active patient accounts, and recovered $100K in old outstanding A/R from insurance companies

  • Retooled scheduling template to maximize production per patient , and reduce no-shows and wait times

  • Rolled out a cost-effective, comprehensive marketing campaign to drive new patient traffic

Results:  Current production of nearly $5mm, collections at 85%, and so many satisfied patients that the doctor is opening another satellite location in the same town to handle the overflow!


Orthodontics Inc. Flagstaff

Welcome to iSmiles Management Inc.



iSmiles Management Inc.

iSmiles Mangement specialist team has over 100 years combined experience, giving you access to the experts with success.  We are known for our unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the business we are today.


We believe that the customer always comes first - and that means exceptional products and exceptional services. Get in touch today so we can make your success story real.

Practice Consulting

Owning your own company can be very rewarding on the best days, but stressful on the rest of days.  You deserve the success you are working hard toward.  iSmiles Mangement can guide you and your staff to focus on and improve the Stats that matter, and help you over any obstacles that appear in your path to profitability.  Let us be your umbrella to weather the storms when unexpected situations come up.
Our strengths are:  increasing production and collections, successful scheduling, staffing solutions, marketing strategies, and organization in all areas in your office.


iSmiles Managements recruiting team will place you and your family in your dream location.  New locations, existing locations, associate, and partnerships are available to you.
As your practice grows, you'll need to bring on more skilled associates and perhaps even partners to share the costs and rewards of your business.  iSmiles recruiting is there for you, with bespoke career placement services to find the perfect candidate.  We understand that your practice is unique, so rather than using a traditional job board, our recruiters maintain well-curated databases of qualified specialists to match to your specific needs.  Contact us today to discuss how we can meet your needs for the growth and development you desire.


Marketing to your clients, whether existing or new, is consistently evolving. iSmiles Management prides itself in its knowledge of the shift in marketing and what is required to ensure your practice's success. Technology has diversified marketing, and having a Google Certified Photographer, highly skilled graphic artist, Social Media Expert, and S.E.O. professional are mandatory.  iSmiles Management couples this with years of experience in traditional and referral marketing to create a well rounded offensive marketing strategy.

Case Study:  High End, Low energy

Background:  After opening with great fanfare in June of 2015, this beautiful, high end, private dental clinic in Farmington, New Mexico was experiencing low production, few new patients, and poor retention.  Their numbers were flat.  iSmiles took the case on in October 2016, at which time production was only $15K month with only five new patients per month.

Steps taken:

  • Recruited an excellent hygienist and top notch office manager to address patient experience and retention concerns.

  • Implemented our iSmiles mangement Protocols to maximize efficiency and profitabillity

  • Performed a comprehensive insurance analysis to increase patient pool and maximize production per patient

  • Rolled out a cost-effective, comprehensive marketing campaign to drive new patient traffic

Results:  As of July, 2017 the practice is health at $33K production and 32 new patients.  Overall production is growing steadily 9-10% per month, as patient retention is near 100%

  • Recruited highly effective office staff, and an excellent new orthodontist

  • Implemented iSmiles Management Protocols to maximize efficiency and profitability

  • Rolled out a cost-effective, comprehensive marketing campaign to drive new

  • patient traffic 

Results:  Currently, the practice has $1.8MM in production, and 1065 active patients-more than 100% growth in just two years!  Best of all, throughout the transition, the owner was able to focus on other areas of his business, leaving iSmiles to handle the growth of this office.